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December 22, 2014

Good Morning 


Wore "my Morning after shirt" today from @themorningafterx  I guess by now you could already tell that I'm not a morning person and you're right!  My lazy top turned in to a to-go outfit just by pairing it with this rugged boots and a black hat. Trust me, you can never go wrong with wearing a black hat. 


As you could see my sleepy eyes are going well with my lazy top.

If you're looking for customizable & vintage statement apparels you should definitely check out @themorningafterx idealy for hangovers and not so morning people.


All photos photographed by my awesome friend Mayumi Catabijan  you guys should definitely check her website out. 


Hat, Forever 21  | Shirt , @themorningafterx | Shorts, Penshoppe | Boots, Forever 21

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