Hola! Meet Lexie,

It was the scariest, most exciting and life-changing time of her life.


So why 365storiestotell? Because I believe there is a beautiful story to tell even on the most mundane of days, you just have to take the time to notice and appreciate it.

She believed she could, so she did.

Aside from blogging, Lexie also specializes in Graphic Design, Branding, Video Editing, Product Photography, Social Media Marketing/Content, Content Creation, and more.


aka the girl behind the blog


Lexie is a 20-something lifestyle + travel blogger (soon to be vlogger, stay tuned!) creative curator and beauty enthusiast from the Philippines, the small but beautiful island country that she is proud to call home. She moved to California in 2018 to pursue her bigger dreams and to see what’s in store for her on the other side of the world #CaliforniaDreamin’


365storiestotell began in 2015 and revolves around travel, fashion, beauty, food, and anything under the sun. Literally she’s drawn to the beach, which is why her favorite hour is the golden hour - that’s when all the magic happens.

Lexie’s love for the tropical/beach life began with her sister who’s a surfer and though Lexie didn’t follow the same path (more like couldn’t, but she tried), her exposure to the lifestyle is what she fell in love with. That was the eye-opener for her, and what made her want to travel and see more beautiful destinations. Her first stop was Bali.

Bali quickly became a place that is close to Lexie’s heart.  It’s where she traveled alone for the first time and found her love for exploring new places, meeting new people from all over the world, and living life outside of her comfort zone. Most importantly, she found a renewed love for storytelling as well as a deeper connection with herself. She couldn’t wait to share all her new and amazing experiences with the world.


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